What is a transponder?

In 1995 car manufacturers introduced a transponder chip embedded into the plastic head of the vehicle key. It is a passive device which does not require power when the key is put in the ignition. If the right code is read by the car’s ECU/ immobiliser it will start, however if the transponder is missing, reads a wrong code or is damaged the engine won’t start.

How do we produce your lost or spare car or van keys?

We carry a good range of key blanks, remote keys and transponder chips for most makes of vehicle on our van which is equipped with all the latest computerised key cutting machines. We produce most car keys either using manufacturers’ codes or copying your existing keys. In the case of keys locked in vehicle we will pick your lock to retrieve your keys for you.

Lost car keys?

Have you just lost your only car keys? We are experts at opening locked cars and producing new remote car keys

Replacement Car Keys?

If you only have one car key, why not get some peace of mind and get an extra key made just in case? It means you don’t have to share!

Broken Car Keys?

Some car keys can snap, crack and bend. We have replacement cases and blades to repair most car keys.

How does it work?

Our car key replacement service is an alternative solution to the main dealer garages.

If you have just lost your car key and do not have a spare its not as simple as driving into the local garage for an appointment next weekend.

Most car keys are misplaced and lost at the worst possible time, such as on the way back from picking your wife and new baby up from the hospital, or just as you are about to set off on a holiday for example.

There’s no such thing as a “good” or “convenient” time to discover you cant find your car key, and that’s why we offer a completely mobile service for replacement car keys.


1. Call us and discuss your problem

2. If you are happy with the quote we will agree a time to visit your vehicle (this will always be the same day)

3. We arrive on site at your car and will always call before arrival

4. We cut your replacement car key and program it to your vehicle

5. We take payment for your new key

There are a few ways to replace lost car keys but none are as straight forward and hassle free as using Replacement Car Keys London.